Healthy Meal Delivery Options in GTA Suburbs

Healthy Meal Delivery Options in GTA Suburbs

Unlike the downtown areas that are typically heavier in pedestrian traffic and have easy access to take-out food at all times of day, the suburbs have a higher reliance on cars or public transit to get around. Some public transit routes are being modified with reduced frequency due to lower ridership during COVID-19, and many dining options have been shuttered. Luckily, there are still plenty of take-out and delivery venues that offer healthy food options.


1) ActiveEats

ActiveEats offers healthy meals that are designed by certified nutritionists, already cooked, and delivered right to your doorsteps. Unlike other cooked meal delivery providers, there is no subscription needed with ActiveEats. You can choose from breakfast meals (from $7) to healthy lunches and dinners (from $10.85). ActiveEats tailors their meals to different diets: vegan, fit, weight loss, gluten-free and dairy-free, and balance (which includes both meals and snacks).


2) HelloFresh

HelloFresh is one of the market leaders of providing meal delivery kits in the GTA suburbs and beyond. You can choose from different subscription plans based on your or your family’s needs. The most popular plan is the “Pronto Plan”, where each meal kit contains pre-cut and pre-measured ingredients that you can whip up together into a complete meal in 30 minutes or less. There are also “Family Plan” (you can use the meal kits to teach your kids how to cook or spend family time together preparing meals) and “Veggie Plan” (for vegetarians, vegans, or those who want to eat more plant-based meals). The menus change weekly, so you can use this service to add variety to your usual daily home-cooked meals.


3) Live Fit Food

Similar to ActiveEats and HelloFresh, Live Fit Food offers meal packages that you can tailor based on your diet and food preferences. Meal packages offered include Keto, Muscle Gain, Weight Loss, Vegan, Veggie, Gluten Free, Halal, Prebiotic Soup Cleanse, Organic Juice Cleanse, and more. Picking a package brings you to a page that lets you select the meals you want in the package. For example, selecting a “Muscle Gain” package will let you choose from meals that tend to be heavy in protein, while selecting a “Vegan” package will let you choose among vegan meal options. Then you can customize your package by the number of meals, if you’d like to add any snacks, etc. The difference between Live Fit Food and HelloFresh is that HelloFresh delivers pre-measured ingredients that you still have to put together and “cook”, while Live Fit Food delivers cooked meals that you can simply heat up and enjoy.


4) Protein Chefs

Protein Chefs offers healthy, gourmet-style meals for delivery. The meals are prepared using original recipes prepared by the experienced culinary team. Ordering is done in 3 easy steps: choose the meal plan, select preferences, and then order using the online shopping cart. The meals are delivered to your home already cooked and ready to be eaten. The meal plan selection includes: Gourmet, Paleo, Athletes, and Vegan. For those who want something more customized, you can contact Protein Chefs for custom orders that cater to certain allergies or preferences.


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